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Sedona, AZ Inspired Kaleidoscope Art Egg


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The colors in this very large art egg are inspired by the colors of Sedona, Arizona. The red rock against the blue, blue sky is so gorgeous. There are also accents of sage green through this design to symbolize the desert plants.

A kaleidoscope patterned polymer clay cane is used for creating this type of art egg. These canes can have infinite variations to them, depending on how they are put together. Kaleidoscope design eggs are every bit as intricate, possibly more, than the famous Ukrainian Pysanky eggs.

Please note that though you may see more than one of these in the list, no two are the same.

This lovely, collectible egg is made from a real egg, covered in artist's quality polymer clay. The design is achieved by creating patterns with the clay. No painting is involved. Because it is not painted, it will never fade or peel. Each egg has at least two layers of clay, to ensure strength and durability. It is polished to a high glass-like shine.

This art egg is standard size (which is still much larger than a chicken egg)and is about a size 7 1/4", measured around on the long circumfrence.

Each egg is a one-of-a kind original work of art and no two are identical, because they are not mass-produced. My collectible art eggs are a perfect gift for egg collectors.