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Green Man Wine Goblet or Glass


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Although the true history of the Green Man myths lay obscured in the mists of time, today this leafy face is accepted as a primal icon of Nature. It is uncertain if the roots of these ancient carvings, found in many forms worldwide, represents an ancient god, human's oneness with Nature, and/or celebrations of fertility and the hunt, or if they are something so obscure it hasn't been discovered yet.

Certainly, though, in current myth, the foliage-covered face of the Green Man, represents Nature and speaks to those people who love, honor and work with nature. The globally accepted modern myth is, if the Green Man is present in your life, he brings prosperity, especially to the garden and other horticultural endeavors. In smaller circles, the Green Man is considered another aspect of the Celtic god, Cernunnos, especially for modern practicing Druids.

In my rendition of Green Man, I place him in a tree, and he is smiling. For many years, I looked for a smiling Green Man plaque to put in my garden, but only found this serious or even angry-looking guy. I like to think of my garden as a happy place, and that it would make even the Green Man smile. I would hope that those who use my Green Man glasses, would do so sitting out in their garden or a beautiful, wild place, sipping a relaxing beverage and appreciating all of Nature's gifts.

This hand-sculpted drinking vessel makes a fantastic gift for people who collect unusual goblets, chalices, and/or wine glasses. Once seen, it is always on the must-have list of many gardener friends of mine. I do make more than one of these, but only two or so at a time. Because they are done by hand, each one is individualized and will look slightly different than the picture. Many of the glasses I use currently will have a shorter stem than the one pictured, if it has the curvy cup portion.  For those wishing a longer "trunk", I can put him on a standard size wine glass.

I can also add personal touches, if requested, if it is a small deviation.  A small name plaque is a good example of such personalizing, for no extra charge. Each glass has the artist's signature and date embossed on the bottom. I will be retiring this design from my work by 2008, so if you want one, don't put it off!

The goblet is hand sculpted over glass, to look like a venerable old tree, that the Green Man is "one with". The sculpting is done using artist-quality polymer clay, including detailed millefiori canework. These are high quality pieces for collecting. However, they are also quite usable to drink from with cold beverages. Hand wash in warm soapy water, no dishwasher, please. A larger sized goblet, it holds over 12 oz.