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Dryad - Tree Deva Spirit Wine Glass Female


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In Celtic and Hindu lore, Devas are Nature Spirits. Tree spirits, in particular, are called Dryads by the Celts. These glasses, with the little Dryad Tree Devas on them, are just too much fun. This is a medium (holds 7 oz to the brim) wine glass, covered with polymer clay cane and sculpture work. The Devas on these glasses are either male or female (the female is adorned with flowers). The faces are raised out from the leaves about 1/2 inch and they are smiling mischievously. On the stem, is a faux wood "trunk" and the bases look like grass with flowers growing in it.

I also have these in a male version!

Though I make others of this style, no two are exactly alike. I can also add personal touches, if requested, if it is a small deviation. A small name plaque is a good example of such personalizing, for no extra charge. Each glass has the artist's signature and date embossed on the bottom. I will be retiring this design from my work by 2008, so if you want one, don't put it off!

Even though they are a collectible item, they are durable and quite usable to drink cold beverages from. Hand wash in warm soapy water, no dishwasher, please.

Please email me with any other questions on the care and feeding.J

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